The Timeless Dragon

This is a well-developed match that starts simple with each of the three man teams being paired together. Ultimo Dragon is paired with Black Dragon, Funaki is paired with Joe Doering and Keiji Mutoh is paired with Yoshihiro Tajiri. The entire tone of the match shifts when Tajiri is able to keep Mutoh from making the tag and the beastly Doering is brought back in to pummel him. Mutoh does a great job of playing the sympathetic face, who can’t quite reach the cavalry, but I would have preferred The Great Muta. Then again I almost always prefer Muta to Mutoh.

It is also worth observing that Ultimo Dragon seemingly never ages. Seriously, look at any match that he appears in and he almost always looks the same with a different color costume on. This match took place within the last year, but appearance-wise Dragon looks like he stepped out of 1996. Take another masked wrestler like Vader for instance and you can see that even with a mask you can tell when a wrestler is aging. It is like they are cloning him and forcing the clones to wear different shades of the same costume. Spooky man.

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