The Funk Brothers Rip Through Japan

This match has a little bit of it all and features four guys who though brought up wrestling stateside seemed quite at home working in Japan. I enjoy Terry Funk’s performance in this match the most as he puts a unique spin on the Ricky Morton role. Terry trying against all odds to get out of Brody’s piledriver and then falling over like a tree in the forest after a Stan Hansen chop really makes him look sympathetic.

The bout really picks up towards the end when absolute bedlam erupts and the referee takes a nasty bump. This chaos leads up to the very end of the match when Funk goes completely insane and fiercely attacks Brody, Hansen and even the ref.

Looking at the match objectively though, I think Dave Meltzer rated it a tad too high with a 5 star rating. Don’t get me wrong it is a great match and the crowd is super into it. In fact if the match took place in WWC there probably would have been a riot. However, Meltzer has incredibly high standards for 5 star matches and this one doesn’t quite seem to measure up. Think about it. This match was rated 5 stars, but neither Michaels/Undertaker Wrestlemania match, any Rock/Austin battle, nor a single match in Chris Jericho’s entire career earned that distinction.

In the end regardless of my opinion or even of the opinion of Mr. Meltzer this encounter is certainly worth a watch!

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