A Technical Wrestling Match OMG…Wait…What Are You Doing?

At first I was thinking of posting this bout as an example of a bad hardcore match, but then I just realized these guys have a concept of pacing. The encounter is pretty good and at first glance given that there are no weapons immediately visible and GENTARO’s attire it looks like it could just be a standard technical wrestling match. Then MASADA starts stabbing GENTARO in the face and well the words, “MASADA starts stabbing GENTARO in the face” should tell you everything you need to know.

Despite GENTARO’s appearance it is worth mentioning that he is just as sick as MASADA. Given how he plots the pain he inflicts on MASADA at some points he reminds me of a bad guy from Men Behind the Sun.

This was a semi-final in FREEDOMS’ PAIN LIMIT 2010, an annual two day tournament held in August.

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