Abdullah The Butcher Carves Up Giant Warrior

Since it has been a while since I posted some classic WWC action I thought I would write about this little gem. Yes, Abdullah in WWC in a match featured “The Bloody Bloody Matches of the Caribbean #2,” so you can expect an oozing bloodbath.

Some random thoughts:

*Abdullah apparently throws the WWC tape library at Giant Warrior early on. No wonder so much WWC footage is bad quality!

*I wonder if Carlos Colon made Giant Warrior wear those white pants. Regardless, they really sell how violent the match is as they quickly become red.

*I’m used to seeing basketball hoops on the indies in America, but I guess in Puerto Rico they don’t bother taking them down even in their arenas.

*Upon initially finding this match it made me think of a potential Abdullah The Butcher vs. The Ultimate Warrior match. I’m sure that would be a train wreck, but an entertaining train wreck, much like this match.

* Spoiler Alert! The ref throws the match out after getting hit in the head with a boot by Warrior. You have to love those WWC rules as leading up to this the competitors had spent the entire match destroying each other with foreign objects.

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