Goldberg Rules the Ring in Japan

Fans are still clamoring for Brock Lesnar to return so in the spirit of that I thought I would post a match…not featuring Brock Lesnar. Instead here is one of his “classic” Wrestlemania opponents “Career Endin'” Bill Goldberg. Years before Brock wrestled in NJPW and before Goldberg’s disappointing run in the WWE, Goldberg had a stint in AJPW. With Goldberg’s reputation for injuring opponents and to paraphrase a former champion, Japan’s reputation for not only encouraging stiff matches, but allowing them you have to respect anyone who wrestled him there.

The encounter does not last long as Goldberg does his Ultimate Warrior shtick with a lot of hoopla surrounding what is essentially a squash match. Oddly enough despite all the WCW Goldberg elements this match has including Goldberg’s classic entrance and the bout not even being four minutes, Goldberg does not pull out the jackhammer or the spear. He just grabs one of Taiyo Kea’s legs and one of his breasts and then drives him down to the mat. After the match Goldberg gives a promo where he appears to be having an asthma attack. Also, Ultimo Dragon makes a cameo.

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