…And Now the Exciting Conclusion

I thought I would build up some suspense to the finals of PAIN LIMIT 2010 by not posting it for some days. Of course if you really wanted to you could have searched for it yourself, but oh well. If you did that you wouldn’t get my expert analysis (yawn) of the match. If you have not already watched the two semi-finals matches they can be viewed here and here.

Anyway, luckily for Jun Kasai there is no bucket involved in this match. However, some tables, light tubes and a couple of big hunks of glass are involved. There are plenty of ridiculous spots in this one. The best no doubt is Kasai’s jump off the balcony onto MASADA through a table. In the old days I believe commentators had a name for that: suicide. Also, look for some of the other tournament’s combatants to make appearances observing the match. You would think it was the Super J Cup or something.

The winner and the loser cut promos after the match and MASADA trying to speak Japanese is an abomination, but at least he has heart.

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