Best of the Super Juniors Lives Up To The Name

As good as some of the matches that NJPW have produced have been they have only put on four, 5 star matches according to Dave Meltzer. While some may argue that more NJPW matches are worthy of this ranking, I don’t think anyone could convince me that this bout is unworthy.

After the wrestlers feel each other out the match starts to pick up about six minutes in when the two trade smacks to the face. El Samurai then attempts a double knee drop from the top rope, but Koji Kanemoto moves out of the way. It looks particularly painful as Samurai hits the bare mat with full impact. Samurai also sells the heck out of the move and Kanemoto immediately goes after the knees.

Samurai hits a breathtaking three move combo about halfway through the match. First, he hits a lariat that is so sexy that the commentators would have affairs with it if it was at all possible. Next, Samurai suplexes Kanemoto outside and follows it up with a suicide dive so the two can finally take a break.

With all the top rope moves including, but not limited to a reverse Frankensteiner, multiple moonsaults and a body slam that has to be seen to be believed it is no wonder that Samurai loses his mask before all is said and done.

All things considered in addition to earning Meltzer’s respect, the match has the rare distinction of possibly being the best match of both in the careers of both competitors.

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