Tiger Mask II Scores a V

Before the match even begins Tiger Mask II has a look on his face that shows through his mask. The look says that this bout is going to be serious business and sure enough it is.

Kuniaki Kobayashi sets the pace of the match by starting off with an odd choice by throwing a spinning kick at Tiger. Around the two minute mark Kobayashi already manages to hit a tombstone piledriver on Tiger, which looks good enough to be a finisher (and The Undertaker would probably agree).

The rest holds add to the pace of this match and are used with sound logic behind them. Kobayashi locks on an armbar at one point and before you know it Tiger has powered out of it and is working on Kobayashi’s arm. As the match goes on the speed of it quickly intensifies and before you know it Kobayashi misses a suicide dive to the outside. Shame the cameras did not catch his spill better, but that’s what happens when you have about fifty people surrounding the ring. Anyway, Tiger responds to this by hitting a suicide dive of his own.

Tiger suplexes Kobayashi back in. The assault continues as Tiger nails a superplex. Both these suplex maneuvers are called brainbusters by the commentators, but look more like straight suplexes to me. Regardless they look devastating just the same. After Tiger fails to score the win Kobayashi reveals that he was not nearly as hurt as he appeared to be and manages a top rope electric chair to Tiger. The match then finally spills outside for the finish.

All things considered the match is much more condensed than many of Dave Meltzer’s 5 star matches. However, the pair manage to fit a lot of action into the short length.

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