Dynamite Kid and Dean Malenko in the Same Match

This match has a little bit of it all. Plenty of mat wrestling, some high flying and even some power moves thrown in. Although Dynamite Kid and Dean Malenko are the two smark favorites in this match, I think Dean Malenko and Davey Boy Smith might have the best chemistry. The two could have worked a great “big man vs. little man” singles match. True, they do not have Kevin Nash/Rey Mysterio size discrepancy going, but Malenko was smaller enough to make it work. Plus, Davey Boy looks like he’s chiseled out of granite here.

Yet, the true dream match is still in Dean Malenko/Dynamite Kid. It’s a shame they never had an extended feud in a major American promotion. Even if they were in WCW with the commentators completely ignoring their matches while they cracked lame jokes about the New World Odor, I’m sure the encounters would have been great.

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