Was NJPW Polishing a Turd?

With WWE recently jumping off the Lord Tensai train (The A-Train?) and significantly diminishing his push the question has to be asked, “Was NJPW polishing a turd to make it look good?” I think this match shows that this was simply not the case. Here, Brock Lesnar is mostly dominant throughout, but Giant Bernard does a good job of selling. Also, important is that though Brock looks in charge, Bernard always appears capable of being a threat.

Unfortunately, if Brock and the former Giant Bernard ever meet in WWE now, it will most likely be a squash match where Tensai is fed to Lesnar. However, WWE may benefit most from taking a step back and tweaking Tensai. Maybe, even take him off television and bring him back with his original, pre-return gimmick. WWE could do worse than jumping on Prince Albert and riding him to his full potential.

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