More Incredibly Strange Fun

Just so no one is confused, this is The Christian wrestling as opposed to WWE superstar Christian. Still, Christian taking on a guy named Leather Daddy might be interesting. Yes! Disturbingly interesting!

Anyway, in case you missed the last time I posted about ISW and don’t feel like clicking on this hyperlink let me tell you what to expect in two words: utter insanity!

Some general impressions:

*This promotion really was more hardcore than even ECW. After all ECW never had a wrestler throw a stone tablet at his opponent before the match even started.

*That’s an odd maneuver (hold?) Leather Daddy gives The Christian while he is on the ring post. I don’t think that will happen in the next CM Punk/Daniel Bryan match, but you never know.

*Notice how The Lion hits The Christian with a Pedigree and takes him completely out of the match. That move must be so devastating that even guys dressed up as lions can be lethal with it.

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