Antonio Cesaro Needs to Bring Out Claudio

Smackdown recently saw the debut of a wrestler who can play a great heel, already has a great gimmick and if his upward momentum continues could be a main event player for years. His name is Damien Sandow. Antonio Cesaro on the other hand hasn’t really done anything memorable, which is a shame given that he is portrayed by the artist formerly known as Claudio Castagnoli.

This match is an example of how Castagnoli can use his personality to connect with a crowd. While it is true that Colt Cabana overshadows him in this match much like Sandow is overshadowing Cesaro on SD, Castagnoli plays a great nemesis for Colt. The advantage Claudio has here is that he had worked a Swiss snob gimmick for years in order to fully play to his strengths. His current gimmick of Aksana’s boy toy is comparatively weak. Still, true greats can often overcome weak gimmicks so it is all up to Cesaro now.

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