The Dragon Meets Muta

I don’t know what it is, but the first time I sat down to watch this match I just couldn’t make it through it. It is a pretty exciting meet overall though with perhaps a slightly awkward beginning. I like to pretend Ricky Steamboat is trying to hug The Great Muta, but Muta will have no part in it, hence why he is quickly choking him with a streamer. This does not last long as Steamboat lays in some stiff chops trying to start a legitimate chopfest, but Muta will have no part in it. Before long we get some classic Steamboat arm drags and Steamboat controls the match.

My favorite part of the bout is Muta working over Steamboat’s left leg starting in the second part. In a way the lame “no, no, no” selling that it starts with adds to it. It is one of those cases of something going from pretty silly to kind of awesome.

All of this plus we get a classic over the top Great Muta entrance, which I guess is one advantage of Keiji Mutoh not wrestling this match.

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