Bob Armstrong Before He Was An Old Fart…Almost

One of the things I like about current WWE programming is that they are finally bringing back some jobber squash matches. Here is a clip not from WWE, but serves as a reason why I love jobber squashes just the same.

Continental Championship Wrestling was often a haven for jobber squashes. Look at the gut on The Mongol! He has all the muscle tone of a garbage bag filled with Vaseline. The Mongol probably should have taken a hint from his partner The Executioner and at least covered up his gut somewhat. Of course, it helps that these guys aren’t in the best shape as they are selling for The Bullet. Now, I hate to rag on Bob Armstrong too much, but it tells you something when this guy looks way past his prime more than 25 years ago and still wrestles on occasion! Heck, this bout took place three months before this here writer was even born!

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