AAA’s Lone 5 Star Match

While AAA has a rich 20 year history according to Dave Meltzer only one match has ever represented true perfection in the company. While it may be debatable that other AAA matches deserve the distinction it is tough to argue that this match is not an undisputable modern classic in North American wrestling.

Art Barr truly is one of the greatest tragedies in wrestling. Look at the way he performs the frog splash and covers Octagon for the first fall! After such a devastating maneuver that in fact scores a pinfall, the team looks in prime condition to take home the victory and the masks of not one, but two lucha legends! The cockiness of Los Gringos Locos also really sells it. Although the team could get serious in the ring the ability that Barr and Guerrero had to play it cool made them look all the more impressive.

Of course the faces are not going to let Barr and Guerrero make jokes of them and the high flying, high risk moves that both teams showcase can only be described as inspiring. When Octagon starts a true comeback and forces a squeal from Barr it telegraphs that the match is still up for grabs and that Los Gringos Locos do not have it in the bag after all!

As good as this match was technically, it needed an extra layer to propel it into that seldom reached 5 star territory. The added hair vs. mask stipulation had the potential to accomplish this. Fortunately, Barr and Guerrero treated the stipulation like it was a matter of life and death and the result…arguably AAA’s best match ever.

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