Cody Hall (Razor’s Son) Debuts

Scott Hall had a good night recently as he watched his son Cody debut for Belleview Pro Wrestling. The elder Hall looks okay here. Despite not being the muscled beast he was years ago he looks sober and better than how he looked on a “good night” just a year ago. As for the younger Hall, he’s of course very green (great wrestlers aren’t just pooped out) so this is a pretty meat and potatoes match. I actually don’t mind him relying a lot on his dad’s past glory as it is better than going the Michael McGillicutty route. Cody uses a lot of Razor’s classic moves here and while this match is brief and unspectacular for all I know in five years he could be in Cody Rhodes’ place.

Cody Hall also appeared in ESPN’s E: 60 fairly recent piece on his dad which details his dad’s struggles and has a short bit about Cody’s plans for the future.

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