I Didn’t Mean That Kind of Squash Match

Here’s a diamond in the rough or at least a chunk of fat in the mortadella of a match. Based on uploader, timmy8271b remark about the team’s short tenure in USWA I would make a blink and you missed it (if you could) joke about the Fat Boys, but it would be too easy plus I just did.

While Meat and Potatoes thoroughly squash two classic Memphis jobbers in The Invader and The Scorpion they never went onto obliterate The Moondogs despite the team’s huffing and puffing. It is fortunate for the Moondogs to be sure as Moondog Splat probably didn’t want to earn his name the hard way.

Rumors that the Fat Boys lost an untelevised loser leaves town match against type 2 diabetes are unsubstantiated.

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