Terex Makes Ryan Kidd and the Mat One

I haven’t seen a squash match of this variety since Met and Potatoes graced the USWA! Upon first seeing Ryan Kidd I was surprised because I had no idea that Jay Baruchel had a wrestling career. On closer look I noticed that it wasn’t the Undeclared actor at all, but rather some guy who looks about 13 and has the muscles to match. Then out comes Terex. If you look close (not too close!) you can see that he has some muscles on his back and his standing moonsaults are impressive. Still, having a gut like that just can’t be healthy. Here are some other general impressions:

*This encounter took place in New Wave Pro Wrestling. Unfortunately, A Flock of Seagulls never appeared in the promotion. On the plus side Adam Ant never held the NWPW Heavyweight Championship.

*You can see Santa Claus on his off season in the audience.

*I love the look that Kidd gives Terex to start the match!

*The ref should have checked under Terex’s tummy. He could fit Crowbar under there. No that isn’t an incorrect capitalization, I mean Devon Storm could actually fit under Terex’s belly!

*The match in general makes me wonder if Mikey Whipwreck influenced indy jobbers the same way Robin Williams influenced teachers in Dead Poets Society…for better or worse.

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4 replies

  1. Excellent use of a yung jobber to put over a huge heel.

  2. I had ur mom under my belly last nite. But u know my name, so that’s wuts important

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