The Luchador Meets the Samurai

Since 2002 the International Wrestling Cartel’s Super Indy tournament has brought together some of the best talent in the indies for one event. Super Indy X which took place last year was notable for bringing El Generico at long last to the IWC. Although Generico didn’t win the tournament (that honor would go to Egotistico Fantastico) matches like this gave him a chance to flex in front of a new audience.

The atmosphere adds to this bout as the lack of lighting reminds me of a pre-1980s wrestling show. The competitors have less than 10 minutes to work, but they still pull off some incredible moves. In particular I enjoyed Generico flipping Samuray Del Sol over with his legs and Samuray being able to land on his feet. Samuray also performs a fairly good moonsault.

Speaking of the IWC Super Indy tournament, more recently Super Indy XI gave Sami Callihan a boost when he won it this past June.

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