The Beauty of Not Using the Ropes

Outside of Dave Melter’s 5 star rated matches this may be one of the funnest matches to watch that I’ve posted in a while. In it Jonathan Gresham and Mark Angel put on a fantastic match that draws from the old days of wrestling (and by old think 1960s or older). The two do use the ropes a little bit to bounce off of, but the majority of the match is pure mat wrestling.

The commentator, Denver Colorado sets expectations high by indirectly comparing Gresham to Bryan Danielson. Gresham does his best to live up to this by immediately putting Angel in a headscissors. Other fun spots by Gresham include him twisting Angel’s foot in an unnatural way and also hitting Angel’s elbow so it looks like he could pop it out. Angel is no slouch either and gets in a nice looking variation of the Texas cloverleaf. Although Angel does hit something close to a sourspot (you know that move in a match that derails the action). He does this by doing a flippy standing moonsault maneuver that makes little if any sense, but things are soon set back on course.

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