Mick Foley as a Light Heavyweight

Before the match Ray Odyssey cuts a vintage promo spot for International World Class Championship Wrestling. Despite for much of the company’s life being based in Boston, a hotbed for wrestling, IWCCW is one of the few “major” independent promotions of yesteryear that WWE has not purchased the rights of. Care to guess why? It might have something to do with the fact that after the shows instead of using brooms to clean up the arena they used their film stock. Egad is this some messed up footage!

Anyway, Mick Foley wasn’t exactly a light heavyweight here as the commentators discuss. Yet, Cactus Jack does take on Odyssey who at the time was the holder of the IWCCW Light Heavyweight Championship. It is odd because around this time about 2,000 miles south Cactus held the WCWA Light Heavyweight Championship in the World Class Wrestling Association (formerly the plain old WCCW). I guess everything really is bigger in Texas including their light heavyweights!


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