Some (Very) Small Insight Into the Origins of The Undertaker

Even as “Mean” Mark Callous, the eventual Undertaker was never the most jacked looking wrestling. As you can see Callous has a good natural build, but has a tummy that isn’t particularly defined. Also, though through the years he would improve drastically, here Mark has very little idea of how to realistically sell. It is tough to suspend disbelief when Mark is selling punches from a past his prime Bill Dundee like Vader is feeding him bare knuckled shots.

These two weakness really show the talent the former WWF had in downplaying weaknesses. Mark has a bit of a tummy? Put him in an intimidating suit that hides it. Mark can’t sell? Give him a zombie gimmick where he no-sells everything. Judging by the longevity of Taker’s career these decisions seems to have worked out pretty well.


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