Vader Annihilates Masahito Kakihara

Like the 5 star classic I posted about yesterday, the Union of Wrestling Forces International in general promoted a more realistic style of wrestling that downplayed things like hitting the ropes and excessive aerial maneuvers. According to the ever reliable Wikipedia and more importantly the clip itself, matches were based on a point system with each wrestler in a singles match starting with 15 points . As a bout went on wrestlers would lose points based on the offense they suffered.

Some impressions of this clip:

*I loved Vader’s theme music here! Definitely fitting of a final boss in a Super Nintendo game!

*Good to see that Vader actually sells some offense from Masahito Kakihara. One of the biggest squash machines who ever lived doing this really promotes the realistic nature of the fight.

*Vader’s chokeslam and final move look absolutely lethal!

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