Perhaps Dr. Death’s Best Singles Match

If you’ve never seen “Dr. Death” Steve Williams’ work in Japan then do yourself a favor and watch this match. Heck, even if you’ve seen it before watch it! It is just that good and there is a reason Dave Meltzer has only awarded 5 star ratings to his wrestling in Japan.

Williams and Kenta Kobashi lock up and twirl into three corners of the ring and before long the two are slapping each other. I know an odd way to start a 5 star match, right? Then Williams hits a sick spinebuster and the action truly begins!

Kenta first takes real control of the match by getting in a German suplex, clotheslining Williams to the outside and DDTing him on the floor. Williams isn’t laid out for long so Kenta goes to the top and hits him with a crossbody to the outside.

Following more punishment by Kenta, Dr. Death gets the match going in his favor when a chopfest wakes him up and he gorilla press slams Kenta to the outside like a maniac. I’m sure Kenta would’ve preferred to have this reaction from another 5 star match he had instead:

GIF By El Pollo Guerrera of the FAN Forum.

On the floor Dr. Death hits Kobashi with an elbow then slams him into the ring post before throwing him back in. Inside Dr. Death whips out a beautiful brainbuster and a double underhook suplex for a two count.

During Williams’ assault Kenta gets some shots in until eventually the two are smacking each other in the face. Kenta smacks harder and gets Williams back outside where he stands on the guardrail and DDTs Williams on the bare cement. Kenta tries to finish Williams off by running at him, but Williams catches him and slams him to the floor.

The battle continues in the ring and Williams quickly finds himself in a pickle when Kenta locks on a sleeper hold. Dr. Death gets to the ropes and soon enough the two are up top trying to throw each other off. Kenta succeeds with a superplex, but only gets a two count and a crazy looking DDT gets another two count. A series of running leg drops channeling the power of Hulkamania followed by a German suplex also gets two for Kenta.

Kobashi has had enough and slams Dr. Death then lands a picture perfect moonsault…for two. Kenta attempts another, but Dr. Death puts his knees up and tackles Kenta as soon as he gets to his feet. Williams attempts a Doctor Bomb, but hits it wrong and Kenta scores another two count followed by a lariat for two. Dr. Death hits his Oklahoma Stampede for two followed by a lariat of his own for two. Kenta attempts a schoolboy and gets…you guessed it, a two count! Dr. Death sends Kobashi down for another two count and the action finally stops when Dr. Deaths hits two belly-to-back suplexes for the three count.



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