Noam Dar and El Ligero Attempt to Progress

Here’s some fine indy action from the United Kingdom. According to their website like this blog the company began in March 2012. Also, if you notice like this blog they have a darn good taste in WordPress themes.

As far as the in-ring action goes Noam Dar plays a nice heel playing off of his Scottish background. He also makes sure to feed into the indytastic heckling he gets from the crowd. Maybe, if he ever makes a big splash in the United States the WWE could bring him in as a lackey for Drew McIntyre. In the opposite corner is El Ligero, the possibly inauthentic Mexican. Ligero performs the best move of the match right before the big finish by doing a double stomp off the top while Dar is in the tree of woe position!

This match was part of the process to crown the company’s inaugural titleholder. An accomplishment that Nathan Cruz achieved and continues to celebrate as the current PROGRESS Wrestling Championship holder.


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