Christmas Creature Invades USWA

As I’m sure you’d agree there is no better time to celebrate Christmas than mid-September. In that vein I give you one of the USWA’s most awesomely ridiculous gimmicks, Glenn Jacobs aka Kane dressing up like a Christmas tree to become, Christmas Creature. This squash machine tears right through Trey Keller, but really the entire atmosphere around this match is awesome. First, you have some guy who Bert Prentice probably correctly calls a town drunk that comes out dressed like Santa Claus (unfortunately, not Xanta Claus). Then you have Prentice berating him for being overweight despite Prentice looking like he consumed a town drunk or two in the back. Next, Brian Christopher comes out for little (no?) reason and laughs like a hyena. All this before the squash match even begins!

After the match more awesomeness occurs when Jerry Lawler makes reference to the WWF’s invasion of the USWA. He refers to his battle with Koko B. Ware by calling him just Koko Ware. Hey! Maybe if Koko B. Ware heard this and got on the ball he could have beaten P. Diddy to the punch! Yes, before Sean John came out we could have had Koko Wear! Lawler then says that he will take on Christmas Creature and rip his mask off to reveal someone from the WWF, which will somehow help stop the invasion. If only WCW ripped this off for their New World Order invasion the company might still be going!

In closing I hate to be a buzz kill, but sadly I have to post to this match after Jerry Lawler suffered a heart attack on WWE Monday Night Raw. If the King of Memphis makes a good enough recovery, but decides traveling on the road is too much for him hopefully WWE keeps him around as some kind of creative force.  As much as I like to poke fun at these old USWA clips I do find them incredibly entertaining and at times more enjoyable than the wrestling I see on television every week.

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