Dreaming of Another Dream Slam

For those unfamiliar, Dream Slam was essentially heaven on earth for a joshi fan. The original Dream Slam was a wrestling summit that was hosted by AJW at its peak in 1993 and invited female wrestlers from some of the top promotions in the world to perform. Here, Kyoko Inoue and Takako Inoue take on Cutie Suzuki and Mayumi Ozaki.

Mayumi and Takako start off by trading smacks. Takako, who is the bigger wrestler gains an early advantage, but this doesn’t last long because Cutie and Kyoko get tagged in. Kyoko grabs Cutie by the feet and starts swinging her around. Kyoko doesn’t let go for about a full minute! Kyoko and Takako cut the ring in half by keeping Cutie in their corner until Cutie hits a German suplex on Takako and tags in Mayumi. Mayumi takes control over Takako and gets her in a dragon sleeper, but is unable to get the submission so she tags in Cutie. Cutie locks on a dragon sleeper of her own, but is unable to get the submission either so Mayumi tags herself in.

Takako makes it to her corner and Kyoko comes in. She has an obvious size advantage over Mayumi and manhandles her before a quick tag into Takako. Takako locks on a vicious looking Boston crab and at one point simultaneously applies the hold to one of Mayumi’s legs while pulling her hair. The hold is eventually broken and Cutie gets the tag in and the two double team Takako for a bit. Takako gets her momentum going and gets two, two counts on Cutie before tagging in Kyoko. Cutie and Takako try to double team Kyoko, but she bounces off the ropes for a double back elbow!

The action spills outside with Cutie attacking Kyoko at the guardrail. On the inside Cutie gets a two count. Cutie and Mayumi then take turns hitting double stomps from the top rope on Kyoko. By the time they are done they have hit five top rope double stomps!

Mayumi gets tagged in and hits a beautiful looking moonsault. She attempts another acrobatic maneuver and gets a powerbomb from Kyoko for her trouble. Kyoko tags in Takako and the ring fills up again! When it clears Mayumi gets a two count with a tiger suplex. Takako rolls hers up, but gets only two. Kyoko gets tagged in and scores an elbow drop off the top.

All four are back in and Mayumi manages a super close two count then another when Cutie and Takako suddenly spill outside the ring. Kyoko bounces off the ropes with a kick and hits a powerbomb variation on Mayumi,  but cannot get the win!

Takako comes in as the legal person and knocks Mayumi to the ground after hitting her from the top rope while Kyoko had Mayumi in the razor’s edge position. Takako goes for the pin and earns the victory!

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