The Muta Scale

With the advent of garbage wrestling a lot of newer fans have probably never heard of The Muta Scale because it is not quite as horrifying as some backyard guy taking a steak knife to his face. Still, even without the blood involved this match would be entertaining and deserves some place in history.

The Muta Scale, a system used to compare the blood spilled in matches, was created in this bout between The Great Muta and Hiroshi Hase for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. The match  starts off friendly enough with the two playing nice. Sure, they might attack each other with the use of a table now and then and Muta might bulldog Hase onto the bare cement. Still, by and large they play nice.

Playtime ends when about 15 minutes in Hase attacks Muta with a metal spike that Muta picked up from under the ring. Careful, you’ll poke an eye out with that thing! Muta immediately starts gushing cherry colored body sauce all over the mat. Even worse instead of showing any signs of remorse, Hase goes straight for his opponent and digs his teeth into the gigantic gash that used to be Muta’s forehead. Who gave these guys their safety lesson on blood-borne disease? Greg Louganis?

Muta eventually wins with a moonsault, but the more impressive moonsault is actually the one he misses. With that one he splashes red all over the canvas showing that he is not only capable of a sick blade job, but also may be the second coming of  Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. Seriously, NJPW could have saved a ton on dyeing their mats!

After the fight, reigning NWA World Heavyweight Championship holder, Masahiro Chono comes out to face down Muta. Hey Chono! Pick on someone your own size! Half of Muta’s body weight is decorating the ring!

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