3PW Crowns Their Inaugural Tag Team Champions with a Royal Rumble

Pro-Pain Pro Wrestling (3PW) was arguably at the peak of it’s short lifespan when this tag ream royal rumble was held to decide the first 3PW Tag Team Championship holders. The rules of the match were that teams could be eliminated by pinfall, submission or getting tossed over the top, with a new team entering every five minutes. Once only two teams were left these competitors would fight it out in a traditional tag match to decide the overall victors.

Matt Striker comes out first dressed as one of The Bushwhackers. It looks like his tag partner, Rob Eckos is going to pull a Sycho Sid and no-show when he is not out by the time Double Trouble, Jack Victory and Rockin’ Rebel (or Rockin’ Rebel and Jack Victory) enter. Eckos finally comes out and the match starts with the new Bushwhackers hitting a battering ram on Rebel. Soon, the pair are biting Victory’s bottom!

Eckos and Striker get eliminated just as the team of The Blue Meanie and Road Kill are entering. I miss Danny Doring. Meanie and Road Kill use the boomerang that Striker left and dish out some hardcore wrestling. It is not enough to take care of Double Trouble by the time Jasmin St. Claire escorts Pitbull #1 and Mike Kruel to the ring. The Pitbulls 2004 add their brawling to the mix with Gary Wolfe looking particularly rough.

Eckos and Stiker come back as the next team. This time the duo enter as The Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff. The match abruptly stops so that The Iron Eckos can lift some “Persian clubs” which he can’t quite manage. Striker then gives a rendition of the Soviet national anthem and is in turn eliminated. Striker gets by far the biggest reaction in this bout with “we want Striker” chants breaking out repeatedly. He is so popular in fact that Double Trouble decide to join him in the back and get eliminated.

Slyk Wagner Brown and April Hunter enter next followed by Eckos and Striker returning dressed as The Legion of Doom. They have on very convincing costumes. Not! Striker cuts a promo and gets rewarded with a stiff shot in the gut from Wolfe. The team gets eliminated a third time and this go around they are joined by Meanie and Road Kill after Wolfe clotheslines Meanie out.

The match then kind of waddles along until the end though there are some interesting spots here and there. Wolfe blasts Hunter with a chair, Tod Gordon interferes to clothesline St. Claire (offering an upskirt shot) and Hunter hits a top rope crossbody on Kruel to win it!

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