How Do You Say “Oh My God” in Japanese?

Nani te koto. Well, according to Google Translate at least. Anyway, here is a clip for today:

Yes, nani te koto indeed. This match from FMW sees Megumi Kudo facing off against Combat Toyoda and shows just how good an explosive barbed wire match can be. Perhaps, surprisingly (or not) it also shows how dangerous an explosive barbed wire match can be. Not always because of the explosions and the barbed wire mind you, but sometimes just from the sheer stiffness of the workers involved. After all as this clip featuring Kenta Kobashi and Takao Omari shows you don’t have to work hardcore to work stiff:

Back to the match in question, Megumi begins by working on Combat’s arm a little and follows it up with some kicks. Combat strikes back and uses her weight advantage to put more power into her blows. Megumi survives them and eventually even bodyslams Combat.

Megumi hits the barbed wire first after a dropkick from Combat. Combat goes for an attack and a pin, but only gets two. Combat begins working over her rival’s back, but Megumi keeps kicking out and will not submit. Combat hits the barbed wire when she tries to charge Megumi and misses. Megumi doesn’t have time to brag because she soon goes into the wire again by falling back after a clothesline. Combat then delivers a German suplex, but Megumi kicks out. Combat gets a series of two counts including two after two Razor Edge-like moves. The move is called a “Selma Hayek” according to one of the commentators.

Megumi comes back at Combat by jumping onto her, but Combat catches her in a German suplex position. Megumi jumped with too much momentum though and the two fall into the wire again. Megumi finishes Combat off a bit later by hitting the Kudome Valentine aka the vertebreaker.

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