Site News 10/1/12

The Johnson Transcript is expanding by adding two new features this month!

The first is that from now on there will be at least one new interview with a wrestling personality featured every month. The first is available right now in the recently created “Wrestling Interviews” section of the website. Each interview will discuss one specific aspect of wrestling with someone with knowledge of that aspect. Up first is ROH star, Caprice Coleman who discusses religion in wrestling!

The second and far less interesting new feature is what you’re reading right now, “Site News.” Here, I will post announcements concerning the website. Previously, I just shoehorned them into other posts or wrote them on my Twitter account.

In that vein I wanted to make some more brief announcements:

*To trumpet in the “Wrestling Interviews” section there will be a new interview every week in October as opposed to just every month. Check back often to see who is interviewed next!

*I fell behind on the “Wrestling Reviews” section for a while because for now The Johnson Transcript is still just a one man show. Yesterday, I caught up though and you can now read that long awaited WWE Summerslam (2012) Review. Plus, some other reviews of WWE and TNA pay-per-views this year.

* With this announcement and the Caprice Coleman interview, The Johnson Transcript now has over 200 posts. Here’s looking forward to the next 200!

*There should be some more surprises featured on the site within the month. It is bound to get nifty!


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