Gangrel and Great-Great Grandma

I recently got an e-mail from with the subject, “GG-Grandma Is Updating Her Facebook Status.” Clicking open the message what followed was this:

Hold on a second, “living relatives!” To the best of my knowledge my last great-great grandmother died decades ago. This leads me to only one reasonable conclusion. Not only do I have an undead great-great grandmother, but one tech-savvy enough to have a social media account and conceivably play FarmVille. The horror! This leads me to believe that she is not a zombie, but rather a more sophisticated vampire (well as sophisticated as a vampire needs to be to play a Zynga game).

Luckily I overcame my horror through watching the clip below. The video features the former leader of The Brood, Gangrel competing for Canadian Wrestling’s Elite (CWE). While he may never see the success of his former followers Edge and Christian at least here he is not just wrestling for CWE (a promotion you probably never heard of), but is wrestling for their top prize! Despite Gangrel’s best efforts and even bothering to pose for the cameras after getting knocked onto the ropes, CWE Heavyweight Championship holder, Mentallo knocks him off with a moonsault.

It comforts me to know that if my undead great-great grandmother ever does come for me I won’t have to run a bunch of errands to pick up a wooden stake, holy cross and garlic. Instead I can just vanquish her with a sweet aerial maneuver.

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