Tiger Masks Battle for the Best of the Super Juniors’ Top Prize

NJPW’s Best of the Super Juniors has produced a ton of great matches since the inaugural event was held in 1988, but few tournament finals had the intrigue that the 2004 edition had. Kojo Kanemoto was a former winner of the tournament and also a previous Tiger Mask, having been Tiger Mask III for a short time. Tiger Mask IV had never won the entire tournament and had a very different tenure as a Tiger Mask than Kanemoto, wearing the mask for nearly 10 years at that point.

Tiger shoves Koji into the ropes to start. The two then trade some quick kicks. Koji rolls out of the ring and gets hit by not one, but two suicide dives! Koji re-enters the ring and Tiger greets him with some shots. Tiger first goes up top to hit a knee and a diving headbutt into Koji’s back. Tiger clamps on a single leg Boston crab and only lets go to unleash more offense.

The masked man goes for a moonsault, but Koji gets up and Tiger lands on his feet. Tiger hits his first Tiger driver shortly, but only gets two and Koji puts on a submission. Koji is soon kicking Tiger’s teeth in, in one corner of the ring and does a second rope senton variation. Koji decides that this is not enough and goes up top for two moonsaults hitting the first and missing the second. Tiger tries a standing moonsault, but Koji rolls out of the way. Koji locks on a painful looking submission and twists Tiger’s foot. Tiger hollers so Koji lets him go. Koji relives his time under the mask by scoring a two count with a Tiger suplex.

Tiger fights back and gets Koji in a crossface chickenwing and also gets a two count. Kanemoto is weakened and Tiger hits a Tiger suplex in the middle of the ring for the three count!

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