Good Thing He Hit the Moonsault

The 2011 edition of NJPW’s Best of the Super Juniors Tournament saw tournament veterans Prince Devitt and Kenny Omega lock up. Omega starts by hitting a flying elbow on Devitt that sends the latter into the corner. Omega then is either running around or screaming until he nails a corkscrew to the outside that slows down the bout.

Not much else happens until we almost see the Omega wiener when Devitt pulls too hard on his opponent’s tights during a suplex attempt. Back outside Omega plays a coward when he hides under a table while Devitt is signaling that he is going to dive onto Omega. Once Devitt decides to walk outside Omega attacks him and goes back inside to do a flip to the floor.

The fight then really picks up when Omega beats Devitt all the way to the outside…and by “the outside” I mean the outside of the arena! There Omega attempts to attack Devitt with a chair, which Devitt avoids by knocking it out of his hands. Omega then does an insane moonsault off of a ladder that probably would have broken his neck if he missed Devitt.

The two go back to the ring area after somehow not being counted out and Devitt runs off the ring apron trying to double stomp Omega through a table…that doesn’t break. The two finally get back in the ring where Devitt wins with a brainbuster.

Kota Ibushi ended up winning the tournament that year while Devitt made it to the semi-finals. Omega didn’t make it as far as either of these wrestlers, but was rewarded by not having his neck broken.

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