Commentary Anarchy

As capable as Jordan Jensen and Davey Vega appear in this bout what really makes it is the commentary. In recent years commentary in both the WWE and TNA has been a lot different from what is heard here. I’ll refrain from saying one style is better than the other, but the way this encounter is talked up is brilliant. Justin Bissonnette and Pierre Abernathy do a great job of selling the match to the fans.

I especially liked that they mention Jensen prepared for the fight just like Davey Vega trained for his big match with Davey Richards. Another aspect of this commentary that enhances it is that neither guy makes it about himself and they don’t say many lame jokes. Instead their humor is thrown in sparingly.

A for the action Jensen dominates throughout. His tag team partner Jojo Bravo is also there for some reason, but he doesn’t really do anything. Jensen gets many two counts including ones after hitting a northern lights suplex, a powerslam and a European uppercut. With the way DaverVega gets beaten down his fighting attitude doesn’t look to live up to the Vega name. Yet, he ends up retaining his ATV Championship after clamping on the rings of Saturn then applying pressure to his foe’s temple.

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