Women on Commentary

by Daniel Johnson

Angel Blue vs. Athena vs. Barbi Hayden vs. Su Yung

Now that the big day has passed and the ham has been about picked clean we can get back into the normal swing of things. Okay, maybe we can savor this season a little longer. In that vein here is another match that took place around the holidays last year. No elf costumes in this one though.

Portia Perez is on commentary for this bout alongside Justin Bissonnette and she is delightful. I’ve spoken positively of ACW’s commentary in the past and Perez makes a great stand-in (sit-in?) for Pierre Abernathy. We get such one-liners like “her gear matches…she looks like an idiot,” “there’s nothing like paying $10 to be racist” and “[it”s] very difficult to climb a ladder without a leg.” It makes me wonder why there haven’t been any great female commentators. When one thinks of great commentators a slew of familiar names pop up: Bobby Heenan, Gordon Solie, Kris Kloss (okay maybe not that last one). Oddly enough even the promotions dedicated exclusively to women’s wrestling have male commentators. I guess this is just a little nugget of a thought to think about.

As for the match it is one of two involving the ACW American Joshi Championship that happened that night. All four competitors last until near the end and a highlight is Athena nearly ripping Su Yung’s leg out of it’s socket for a submission. So in other words there is holiday cheer all around.

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