Elf Wrestling

by Daniel Johnson

Miss Natural vs. Stacey O’Brien vs. Lucy Mendez

I wanted to find a holiday themed independent wrestling clip for today, but figured a lot of people had already scene that Mark Briscoe clip. So I scoured the YouTube vaults and found this little match from last holiday season. Fortunately, unlike a lot of mainstream wrestling companies who book women’s wrestling with a Cinemax frame of mind this bout is pretty decent.

Miss Natural starts things off by shaking hands with O’Brien and Mendez only to immediately put the boots to them mid handshake. From there the bout admittedly hits a snag as it faces the same problem a lot of three way matches face. That is having each competitor stay active without it looking like a handicap match. Yet, this being only a twelve minute or so match some of the competitors have a hunk of downtime.

There are some standard three way spots such as Miss Natural powerbombing O’Brien while O’Brien is superplexing Mendez and a double sleeper. The silliest part of the match is a goofy spot. Natural and Mendez argue and Mendez even points at O’Brien while she is climbing the ropes. The two then just wait for O’Brien to hit her dropkick.

Still, the moves are crisp and the crowd is into it. Natural walks away with the win after a swinging fisherman’s suplex.

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