MMA: Wrestling’s Distant Cousin 2

It can be a challenge to get into MMA if you’re a wrestling fan. There may be promos, but they are a world apart from those that open WWE Monday Night Raw every week. There may be fighting, but for some wrestling fans matches can often look like they’re filled with nothing, but rest holds. There may be swerves, but…wait a second. On second thought no. There are no swerves in MMA. At least not in the Vince Russo sense of the word. The biggest swerves in MMA for a wrestling fans is when they see a monster like Brock Lesnar go into the ring with Cain Velasquez and watch Lesnar get his ass handed to him.

Sadly, for us Russo fans there will never be an angle where Shane Carwin runs in on a match between Junior dos Santos and Frank Mir for the UFC Heavyweight Championship. Of course, if this run-in followed the Russo line of thinking Carwin would immediately get put in a Kimura lock by Mir resulting in old Frank becoming the new champion.  Likewise, Randy Couture is not going to prepare for a comeback only to get blindsided backstage minutes before his fight. Again, following the Russo train of thought the attacker would be revealed the following week as…Randy Couture.

But enough about Vince Russo! Instead let’s discuss an MMA fighter who makes transitioning from being a wrestling fan to a wrestling/MMA fan a lot easier, Tom Lawlor. The following clip shows just how much personality a member of the UFC roster can cram into a minute.

For wrestling fans, Lawlor should gain points just for impersonating former NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Dan Severn. Throw in him performing nearly as hilarious tributes to Apollo Creed, Steven Seagal and Olivia Newton John and you have a man who can kill with laughter as well as his fist. Speaking of which in addition to Lawlor’s awesome sense of humor he also has an awesome sense of…well how to beat the crap out of people. Just look at his MMA record according to the ever reliable Wikipedia.

Now before I bury the lede any further you probably know why I am writing about Tom Lawlor today. Especially if you come to this website regularly and you’re an MMA fan. For those who don’t know let’s just say Lawlor’s latest impersonation was shocking:

Who is The Shockmaster? I’m glad you asked. For those who didn’t watch WCW in the mid-1990s, man you avoided a lot of garbage. Not the least of which was Fred Ottman, the man who previously played Tugboat and Typhoon in the WWF debuting as The Shockmaster. If you watched the above clip then you have already more or less watched Ottman’s botch in that debut. I would post the original clip, but why not be proactive and find it on YouTube yourself (plus I need to avoid those copyright infringements).

So, why would Lawlor pay tribute to an obscure and awful wrestling angle? Is he a distant relative of Jerry Lawler that is just really bad at spelling? Did he then want to pay his respects to the masked men of the USWA? Why am I asking so many rhetorical questions? The answer to all these questions is:

1. Again, he has an awesome sense of humor.

2. No.

3. Doubtful.

4. I figured I haven’t used enough lately.

Expanding on the answer to that first question aside from what makes him laugh, Lawlor obviously has a love for the world of professional wrestling. Again, according to the ever reliable Wikipedia he even has a background in wrestling. Admittedly it is amateur wrestling, which about as different from professional wrestling as professional wrestling is from MMA, but hey look there goes the point I was trying to make.

Anyway, plain and simple Lawlor rules and deserves a nice rebound after losing to Francis Carmont at UFC 154.

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