WWE Survivor Series is Tonight

Whoever wins tonight’s main event between CM Punk, John Cena and Ryback for the WWE Championship will most likely face The Rock at the Royal Rumble next year. So I figured along with the hype video for the 2012 edition of the Survivor Series I’d post a match looking at where The Great One came from.


That’s right! This match features Rocky Johnson. Also, if you’re perverted enough you can freeze frame it and zoom in to see exactly where The Rock came from (spoiler: testicles). There is so much about this clip that I adore. First, you have the randomly upbeat and surprisingly mainstream music playing as some savage action from Puerto Rico plays in the intro video. Next, you have the match itself. I love how WWC shamelessly presents this match as if its supposed to be an even match up. By the look of Rocky’s physique he was juggling bowling balls prior to the fight. By the look of the jobber, El Rebelde’s physique he was eating marshmallows the size of bowling balls. Still, it is The Rock’s dad after all and like father, like son Rocky is willing to sell for anyone. Try not to laugh when El Rebelde has Rocky literally against the ropes while he takes turns kicking and choking him. Will he hold out? Can he hold out? Well you’ll have to watch to find out.

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