Beyond Wrestling Wildly Working With CHIKARA

by Daniel Johnson

I was going to post a clip of Kenta Kobayashi today since two days ago he won the 2012 edition of NOAH’s Global League Tournament. Instead I thought I’d focus on a less known worker who would be right at home at the Global League Tournament, Usurper. On the surface Usurper has barely anything in common with Kobayashi. If you dig down though…many, many layers down…he still has next to nothing in common with Kobayashi.

Yet, one shared trait Kobayashi and Usurper have is a solid grasp of match psychology, which the big man proves in this battle with Scotty Slade. The bout took place for Beyond Wrestling at the CHIKARA Wrestle Factory? Yes, Beyond Wrestling and CHIKARA are now officially working together in a match made in Heaven! Anyway, back to this match booked on Earth. Early on Slade keeps dodging Usurper, but it isn’t long before the Brody-influenced beast rams him down. Still, Slade has speed on his side and is able to wear out his heavier opponent and get some moves in. Most impressively he takes Usurper down with what commentator Denver Colorado describes as a “flying knee attack” and Slade also scores a diamond dust reverse DDT from up top. In between these two moves, Usurper impresses his colleagues with a chokeslam. That won’t be the last move reminiscent of The Big Show as he knocks Slade out with a giant WMD-like punch.

With one of the newest and innovative companies working with an old hand in independent wrestling other indies may soon have a new standard to live up to.

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