TNA Turning Point (2012) Review

by Daniel Johnson

The 2012 edition of TNA Turning Point was comprised of eight matches, the vast majority of which were above 3 stars. Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries indeed brought their A Double game to the table and put on a ladder match that was a significant improvement from their previous contest at Bound for Glory. The James Storm/Bobby Roode/AJ Styles affair was capable of being a 5 star bout given that all three involved have been on a hot streak as of late. While the match didn’t deliver what it could have it still managed to be one of the best of the night. The two other standout matches were the superb opener of Samoa Joe/Magnus and Christopher Daniels and Kazarian taking on Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. Speaking of hot streaks Daniels has been on a crazy one lately. Can we get this guy in the main event scene already? Anyway, here is a rundown of what happened.

Samoa Joe (c) defeated Magnus to retain the TNA Television Championship in a no disqualification match

Prior to the first match Taz opened the show by bringing out Bully Ray and local Florida radio personality, Buckethead. Personally, I was disappointed that the latter didn’t come out wearing a KFC bucket and jam with Axl Rose. Instead Buckethead asked fans to text in order to donate $10 to the American Red Cross to help assist victims of Hurricane Sandy. After they left the real in-ring action began, but oddly enough not in the ring. The match starts outside with some brawling and Joe gets in some stiff shots before throwing Magnus into the squared circle. Magnus demonstrates what a no disqualification match is later on when he goes outside, grabs a chair and just launches it into Joe’s head while he is trying to go after the Englishman. Joe eventually gets back to the floor by flipping over the ropes onto Magnus. There is some more back and forth, but Magnus has been destined to submit. Joe emerges victorious with a rear naked choke.

Rating: 4 stars

ODB and Eric Young defeated Tara and Jessie Godderz in a mixed tag team match

Before the bout ODB gives an interview and teases that she can’t find the long missing Eric Young. Young sneaks up behind her and he is back on a TNA pay-per-view for the first time in a longtime. Although with tons of comedy spots and the never pleasant bronco buster from ODB the match is decent. There is an awkward spot where ODB runs in and slams Young to get him closer to their corner so he can make the tag. Why she didn’t just drag him over is beyond me. Young gets the tag, pulls down his pants and delivers a Randy Savage elbow drop from off the top to win it.

Rating: 3.25 stars

Rob Van Dam (c) defeated Joey Ryan to retain the TNA X Division Championship

The action nearly comes to a stop in this one. Joey Ryan appears eager to wrestle his heart out. Too bad he has RVD to do it with. Tons of showboating ruins this match as RVD takes extended poses after just about every one of his signature moves and some regular moves. Really, with RVD’s attitude you’d think him performing a dropkick to the face was as important as passing the Affordable Care Act. RVD wins it with a 5 star frogsplash only to get a carbon footprint from Matt Morgan while he is making his way to the back.

Rating: 2.5 stars

DOC defeated Joseph Park

This match was full of stalling and a little brawling. DOC teased beating the crap out of Park throughout the match and at one point even attempted to bring in a hammer. However, before DOC could do to Park what he recently did to Sting, Park speared him. DOC still managed to beat Park for much of the match and eventually ended it with a chokeslam. DOC also tore Park up with a spiked belt somewhere in there, but this one is kind of tough to watch and not space out. Bully Ray comes in later to make the save before Aces & 8s can cause any real damage. On a side note Luke Gallows looks just like Horus Hogan with this gimmick.

Rating: 1.75 stars

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez (c) defeated Christopher Daniels and Kazarian to retain the TNA World Tag Team Championship

Arguably the match of the night this bout had some sweet high flying action and Hernandez mixed it up by bringing his power to the table. Chavo missed a frogsplash early on and his delivery of the move looked awkward as heck. Daniels and Kazarian then take control and simultaneously do the Gangnam Style dance. This is how to play a heel tag team, ladies and gentlemen. Hernandez is not content with simply being the power guy and jumps over the top ropes to hit Daniels and Kazarian with a double clothesline. This move is a sign of things to come as Hernandez lifts Daniels up in the doomsday device position later on and Chavo knocks him off with a crossbody to win.

Rating: 4.25 stars

James Storm defeated AJ Styles and Bobby Roode to become the number one contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in a three way match

The stipulation for this contest is that the winner gets to wrestle for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship while whoever is pinned cannot get a match for the title until Bound for Glory 2013. This match could have been a classic, but we’ll have to settle for just a good match. Poor us. Some nifty spots in this one including Storm and Roode nearly doing their Beer Money pose after teaming up to suplex Styles. However, the heel in Roode won’t let him do it as he tries to attack Storm only to be met with a stiff shot. This isn’t the last time that Storm beats Roode to the punch as Roode gets hit with back stabber while he is preparing a fisherman’s suplex. Storm executes his last call super kick on Styles and pins him for his chance at the tile. AJ looks defeated after the three count and later on refuses to say anything backstage when he is asked about his future.

Rating: 4 stars

Kurt Angle defeated Devon

Some nice back and forth action in this fairly physical match. Devon heels it up by constantly bullying the ref throughout. Devon and his brother really have swapped gimmicks. Too bad Devon just isn’t as good at it. Anyway, what is good is Angles offense. Unfortunately for him it gets cut off when members of Aces & 8s come out and he gets distracted. Angle turns around and gets tackled by Devon. Devon cannot stay in control and in a flash he is caught in an ankle lock with a grapevine to boot! Devon taps!

Rating: 3.5 stars

Jeff Hardy (c) defeated Austin Aries to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in a ladder match

While Jeremy Borash is announcing Aries, Aries holds up a cloth banner featuring Jeff Hardy and spits on it before throwing it at the champ. Hardy stays cool, but there is a speedy demon pent up inside of him. He wants both belts, the conventional TNA belt and his custom one that are hanging just above the ladder. The action erupts early and Hardy attempts to make his way up the ladder only to get cut off by Aries who hits a variation of the Russian legsweep to knock his foe off the ladder. Later on Aries tries to trap Hardy on the outside by sticking him between a ladder and covering it with the ring steps. Aries slowly make his way up the ladder, but goes back down to check on Hardy. To his surprise Hardy is nowhere to be found, but when he looks backs in the ring Hardy is climbing the ladder. Aries pushes the ladder over and Hardy comes crashing down to the Earth violently. Hardy takes charge of the match and nearly grabs the title only for the belts to suddenly be raised higher. Hardy looks around and it is revealed that outside of the ring Aries has the controls to raise and lower the belts. Hardy goes after Aries before reaching under the ring to pull out an even taller ladder. The fight ends when the larger ladder falls down with Hardy and Aries on it. It lands on top of another ladder that had been set up horizontally in one of the corners of the ring. Hardy delivers the twist of fate on this ladder and Aries flies to the outside. Hardy then captures the belts.

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