Sami Callihan Takes Two

by Daniel Johnson

Sami Callihan vs. Devon Moore vs. Quiet Storm

In case you only check out the top post of this site (aka the most recent) you may want to scroll down a little bit or click here to read today’s entry in the “Site News” section. If you don’t feel like reading that then this match from Impact Championship Wrestling (ICW) should suffice to illustrate why an award should be given to a wrestler who is 25-years-old or younger who has yet to make it to one of the top two promotions in the United States.

Sami Callihan sells his ass off from the start after getting double teamed by Quiet Storm and Devon Moore. After Callihan gets some rest for about a minute he is right back in the fray while Storm and Moore are slugging it out. Sami does this with a boom by spraying liquid in Storm’s face. Of course the match is far from a one man show as everyone looks to be giving it there all. Moore might as well be exclaiming that when he gives Callihan a picture perfect blockbuster from up top. Callihan’s punishment is far from over and within seconds he is getting twisted up like a pretzel by Storm. It looks like Storm pulled that one straight out of The Kama Sutra. At least it wouldn’t be the first time a competitor did that. Not to be outdone Moore feeds Sami a Shawn Michaels-esque kick to the face.

The match closes out with a double submission spot and then Callihan takes a move from Storm that should be called the contortion cradle. Moore manages to steal the pin with a shooting star press.

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