Intergender Six Man from Japan

by Daniel Johnson

Makoto, BUSHI and Ultimo Dragon vs. Cheerleader Melissa, MAZADA and Dark Dragon

The women start this one off as Cheerleader Melissa mostly dominates the smaller Makoto. This doesn’t last long and soon Ultimo Dragon and Dark Dragon come in. In this match Ultimo Dragon plays a role that could be described as closer to a saint than a face. Any time one of the heels does anything remotely underhanded to Ultimo the crowd nearly boos him or her out of the building. Despite this Ultimo is perhaps the least active participant. Until he busts out some moves in the final minutes the most impressive showing he gives is a headscissors take down!

The workers of the bout are BUSHI and MAZADA. They alternate between high flying moves and stiffing the heck out of each other. They even engage in a brief chopfest battle. The highlight of their work together comes at the fight’s conclusion when BUSHI jumps over the top rope to the outside and gives MAZADA a hurricanrana. Of course Ultimo has to close it out and it is showtime for the saint. He stops Dark Dragon in his tracks and kicks him in the gut with a spin kick. Dragon then delivers the Asai DDT and earns the victory. It is also worth mentioning that just prior to this Ultimo locked on a pretty nifty submission.

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