Bandido Steals a Win From the Jersey Shore

by Daniel Johnson

Danny E vs. Bandido Jr.

ECWA, best known for producing the annual Super 8 Tournament produced a hot crowd for this event (heck even referee John Finnegan gets a pop) . This show was held exactly three months before the most recent edition of their renowned tournament. Bandido Jr. later became the winner-up of that event after making it all the way to the finals before being defeated by “Greek God” Papadon. However, a different story unfolded in this match.

Danny E ambushes Bandido to start a few moments after a fan heckles him by saying that he wants Robbie E. I think that marks the first and only time someone has wanted Robbie E. Anyway, Bandido fights back and jumps on Danny after Danny had retreated to the outside. Danny soon gets the upper hand and keeps the high flyer grounded until Bandido is able to land a series of clotheslines. Bandito then busts out three swell moves in a row: an elbow after bouncing off the middle rope, a splash into the corner and a crossbody from up top. The move of the match comes a bit later when Danny tries to jump off of the middle rope only to be caught by a cutter. Bandido then emerges victorious with a tornado DDT. Some decent high flying really makes this match stand out even if it is a little short on spots.

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