Scott Hall Shoot Deleted Scene


by Bad Booking

I found a clip last week that was really interesting.

It was revealed during a horribly recorded clip from Scott Hall’s first shoot interview he should have faced The Undertaker at Wrestlemania XI in 1995 at the Hartford Civic Center in Hartford, Connecticut.

Without further ado, let’s see what “The Bad Guy” had to say!

Interviewer: Scott, I’ve heard a rumor about something undiscovered in your WWE tenure. Apparently, there should have been a program between you and Undertaker for Wrestlemania in Hartford?
Scott Hall: As much as it pains me to say it, that is very much true.

Interviewer: Would you like to share how this should have went down?
Scott Hall: Alright mang. So it’s the night after the ’94 Survivor Series. We’re at Raw, and Vince calls me into his office. He’s like, “Razor [Ramon], I need to talk to you about Wrestlemania.” So I’m like, “Alright boss, what’s up?” Vince was thinking up a storm all day. “We’ve got Diesel and Shawn [Micahels] for the title, Bam Bam [Bigelow]and LT [Lawrence Taylor], and we also got [Bob] Backlund and Bret [Hart].” So I’m figuring what’s wrong with that? Vince then decides, “I got it! Razor, you’re going to go one on one with Undertaker at Wrestlemania!” The angle was supposed to start at the Royal Rumble, and then completely end at ‘mania…

(audio cuts out)

Interviewer: How much did Vince and company do to prepare for the buildupto XI?
Scott Hall: For nothing that ever happened, a lot! A fucking lot. First, both ‘Taker and I had to work on scheduled days off. Secondly, there was a blizzard at the location we were shooting at. Mark and I rode in the same car, and we’re both pretty late. Vince let us both slide, and then we went over specifics. A couple of vignettes revolved around me trying to act machismo inside a funeral parlor, while the big physical confrontation had me buried inside a grave. That grave shoot was a bitch. The backhoe made a hole that must have been, uh, eight or nine feet deep. It was balls cold in the earliest part of January I tell you. Undertaker was shivering bad, it must have been like zero or so outside. So the early part of the shoot sees me, you know, being an arrogant ass. I throw the gold on the grave saying I’m going to bury Undertaker at Wrestlemania. A shadow emerges, and it’s Taker. He turns around, grips my throat and goozled me into the hole. For a second I thought I was paralyzed, but I was able to move a few minutes later. The next night at the Raw taping…

(audio cuts out)

Scott Hall: AC/DC was slated to do the entrances. I had “Razor’s Edge” while Undertaker had “Hell’s Bells”. Vince was plotting on pyro schemes amongst a whole pile of bullshit.

Interviewer: So why did Vince go back on the deal?
Scott Hall: It had to do with [King Kong] Bundy being thrown back into the mix. Undertaker was the only man suitable for the job. I forget the details, but I remember blowing a gasket at Vince. He pissed both of us off mightily. That could have been a match for the ages. Two big, strong, agile guys who could work and bump with the best of them. We had the match planned out, we were ready for the show in advance. The match I would have with Jeff [Jarrett] was half-assed, and it was unprofessional. That night was a no-win and as it turned out for the WWE, probably the worst Wrestlemania of all time.

Disclaimer: Alright guys, this didn’t really happen. It was a very abbreviated Rewriting the Book style entry that was experimental. Hell, I don’t even know if Taker and Ramon had anything planned ever.

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