Tatanka is Back…in Lucha Form

by Daniel Johnson

Blue Demon Jr. vs. Tatanka

Remember a while back when after nine years Tatanka returned to the WWE? No, not that stretched where he dawned some KISS makeup and went after the evil white man, Bobby Lashley, but his initial return. It sure was awkward (and kind of awesome) to see Tatanka come back after such a long period and WWE creative seemingly just expecting him to blend in. So what was Tatanka doing in the period in between? Well, with Internet video sites still young at that point (heck, YouTube didn’t even exist) it was kind of tough to keep tabs on Tatanka. However, we can rectify this by keeping tabs now! This way if Tatanka makes a surprise return in 2016 we’ll know what he has been up to.

By the looks of this match we won’t have to worry about Tatanka returning in 2016. He is not in bad physical shape, but is showing his age in terms of technique. He can’t produce the same quality bouts he had with Rick Martel and Shawn Michaels back in the day or so it seems. Then again he is working with Blue Demon Jr. who shows his age as well. Check out how he lazily kicks out of Tatanka’s top rope chop.

All in all this match is still worth a look. I mean just for the randomness of it. Blue Demon Jr. taking on Tatanka? That’s almost as random as Vader taking on little known Japanese wrestler Tiger Shark. Wait…that happened too?

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