MMA: Wrestling’s Distant Cousin 3

by Daniel Johnson


Sex, sex, sex. It’s a topic that never gets old. It’s perhaps then unsurprising that the above clip was picked up by Yahoo! Sports and made the rounds of the online MMA community.

Leave it to Jim Rome to get that response. Ronda Rousey may not be an expert in sports medicine, but if she says sex helps prepare her for her fights than it is tough to argue that she has a poor game plan. After all right now her MMA record stands at 6-0. She was also recently named  as the first ever UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion. Yet, impressive records exist for a reason. A hungry athlete like Liz Carmouche would love to be the first mark in Rousey’s loss column. At UFC 157 in Anaheim, California on February 23 she will get that chance. So what chance does Rousey have and where does all this sex stuff figure into it?

Well, the sex stuff barely factors in at all, but we’ll get back to that later for those of you who like to read about sex aka everyone. As for predicting the result based on Rousey and Carmouche’s  records, Rousey has some cause for concern.

Carmouche has been in nine MMA fights with a record of 7-2. Her two loses came in 2011, but 2012 proved to be a better year for her. If she defeats Rousey at UFC 157 then she will be on a three match winning streak after having recently put away Ashleigh Curry and the youthful, but experience MMA veteran Kaitlin Young at consecutive events for Invicta Fighting Championships (Invicta FC) . Her bouts have rarely made it to the five minute time limit and her most common method of victory is winning by knockout.

In contrast to Carmouche, Rousey likes to put her opponents away often. Check out this promo for her fight with Miesha Tate for Strikeforce from this past March:

See those 36 seconds that just flew by? That is about the same length as every fight that Rousey has had except for her battle with Tate. That’s right Rousey likes to put them away early and often. In addition to having shorter fights than Carmouche she also differs from her slightly older opponent by winning all of her fights by submission via armbar. While Rousey is not primarily known for her strikes she can manage a takedown with the best of them and in fact earned a bronze medal in Women’s Judo at the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Now that we’ve taken a closer look at the skills of each fighter let’s get back to the sex. While it appears by Rousey’s past comments that there will be one satisfied person in Anaheim in February after she gets through preparing for the fight, there is no word on what Carmouche’s views on sex are prior to a competition. This unknown information may be important because  if she abstains it may work to her advantage.

As that Yahoo! Sports article points out according to  the director of sports medicine at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Maria Cristina Rodriguez Gutierrez (awesome names on both counts) sex can actually work against those in combat sports. In the article she mentions that whoppie can make fighters less aggressive and more passive. This fight featuring Three Count mega fan Tank Abbott concisely illustrates her point:

At least it does if Abbott took part in a Roman-style orgy prior to being torn apart by Vitor Belfort.


“Backstage at WCW they called me Caligula. “

Anyway, getting back to Rousey/Carmouche with each competitor making her debut in a UFC octagon they may want to not only think about this fight, but their long-term careers. As with everything, again this goes back to sex. Perhaps they could get attention like this University of California, Berkeley student did and have sex in different campus buildings around the venue. At least it would be a creative way to build a fan base. Plus, I happen to know that my alma mater the University of California, Irvine is right around the corner.

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