Keiji Mutoh Makes Daichi Hashimoto Famous

by Daniel Johnson

Keiji Mutoh vs. Daichi Hashimoto

Since debuting last year Shinya Hashimoto’s son, Daichi has taken on some of the best talent competing in Japan today. Of course, any group considered “the best talent competing in Japan today” would have to include Keiji Muto…or The Great Muta. Whichever one does it for you.

Mutoh takes Daichi down at the start and dominates him with some mat wrestling until Daichi catches him with a series of six kicks. Mutoh captures his young adversary with a dragon screw and locks on his first leg submission. For the rest of the match he will be pouncing on that leg over and over again.

Daichi fights back by scoring some strikes and nailing a bodyslam before busting out some submissions of his own. Like Mutoh he goes after the lower half. Daichi puts Mutoh in a single leg Boston crab then modifies it into an STF. Mutoh escapes and Daichi goes back to some striking which gets kind of lame and Mutoh looks like he is just going through the motions by letting Daichi hit him.

The bout picks back up when Daichi manages to block a shinning wizard and then hits Mutoh with one of his own! Daichi hits a solid dropkick from off the top, but then gets caught with another dragon screw and Mutoh hits a shinning wizard. From there it is just a matter of time before Mutoh wins because the veteran really starts laying in some punishment. Mutoh delivers a low-angle dropkick, another shinning wizard, a rib breaker and a moonsault before covering the youngster.

After the match Mutoh gives a promo. I’m not fluent in Japanese, but I think he says something like, “The Johnson Transcript is a great website and you should be honored to appear on it!”

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