El Generico Fights a Zombie

by Daniel Johnson

El Generico vs. Zombified

Watching the masked El Generico take on Zombified I can’t help, but think of all those old El Santo flicks. After all Santo had no problem taking on zombies either.

Aside from the comedy of this match it also shows why WWE has taken such an interest in El Generico. He has not just been putting on incredible performances recently, but has consistently delivered for years now. This match was just uploaded today by ISW, but is from many moons ago. So let’s go into the WABAC machine to take a closer look at this bout.

The year was 2007. John Cena was holdng the WWE Championship for a ridiculously long time, Christian Cage was being pushed as a TNA main eventer and a little promotion called ISW was entertaining Canadians. El Generico throws some wild strikes early in the match in an attempt to ward off Zombified. Speaking of Zombified he must be an awful fresh Zombie because his skin isn’t exactly Sheamus-pale white.

The commentators correctly point out that for a rotting corpse Zombified is pretty agile. In fact, he is agile enough to do a suicide dive onto Generico into a bunch of chairs. This of course raises the question, “can the undead commit suicide?” Generico prevents us from getting the answer because he obliterates his opponent. The move of the match has to be when the masked man gets Zombified into a fisherman’s suplex and turns it into a sit-out powerbomb. Generico then ends it all with a top rope brainbuster. I guess Generico listened to that time tested saying, “kill the brain and you kill the ghoul.”

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