A CHIKARA Match of the Night

by Daniel Johnson

Dash Chisako, Meiko Satomura and Sendai Sachiko vs. Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson and Mike Bennett

Prior to the match Gavin Loudspeaker makes the argument that this was the top match from CHIKARA’s 2012 King of Trios tournament. While that point is debatable, this match is decked out with all sorts of fun spots and even a bit of comedy. Meiko is the first wrestler who does something that really stands out to me in this bout. Bennett challenges her to step in the ring and even kneels down for her…only to be met with a swift series of kicks across the chest. Bennett playing the heel isn’t afraid to slap her. Hmm reminds me of somebody.

The funnest spot of the match has to be when Maria Kanellis comes in and the heels act like they are one big band with Maria singing, The Young Bucks on guitars and Bennett drumming. Maybe 3MB should learn (read: steal) this spot. If you are looking for spots that showcase more “workrate” look no further than the triple suplex the heels attempt only to have the much smaller faces reverse every single one of them. Mike Bennett (who gets tons of heat in this bout) soon gets put in a submission and nearly looks like he is going to tap out, but Nick Jackson saves him with some stiff sounding kicks.

The bout ends with a little more athleticism when The Young Bucks win with a 450 splash followed by a moonsault.

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